Sustainable solutions: How to make your clothes last longer?

Prolonging the life of clothes is good for many reasons, from saving the planet, to saving money. In fact, did you know that if we wear an item only 9 months longer than we do now, we can reduce its impact on the environment by 20-30%?

This also means that we don’t have to buy anything new during this period, which could have a positive impact also for our bank balance. And to be true, we can’t make clothes last forever, but there are some tips and tricks to make sure they last as long as possible…

Protect your delicates:
By washing your delicate items (underwear, your favorite top with lace trim, luxury buttons, or silk scarves, etc.) in a mesh bag, you can avoid any unwanted cracks and tears that may occur in the car. This will protect your items and extend their life.
If you still don’t want to invest in a special mesh bag, you can also use a pillowcase for this.

Are the buttons and zippers closed?
For reasons similar to the above, we recommend that you close the buttons or zipper of any pants you put in the washing machine. It may not protect them, but it will certainly stop them from “absorbing” the other items of clothing in the washing machine. It’s a simple trick, but it certainly work…

Do not overload the washing machine.
If you overload the washing machine, there is no chance that each item will be properly cleaned and you will have to clean it again and again. And cleaning the same item over and over again will not only have a bad impact on the color in time, and will stretch the elastic, but it can also cause it to shrink, or even fall apart completely.
We don’t want that, do we?

Wash in smaller loads and you will definitely notice the difference!

Wash your dark clothes inside out.
One of the main reasons why we can no longer wear clothes for so long is that the colors often lose their intensity over time and do not always look good. However, there are ways to avoid this. Start by washing your favorite dark clothes inside out to keep their color and prevent them from fading. The same goes for T-shirts; Turning them inside out will also prevent damage to their inscriptions or labels.

Dry your clothes naturally.
For those days when the sun shines, hang your clothes to dry outside and let the sun do its magic. If your clothes are allowed to dry naturally, not only is it better for your growing electricity bill, but it also avoids overheating and potentially shrinking your clothes in the dryer.

Because, no one can wear a sweater if it becomes two sizes smaller, after washing 🙂